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Beaufort, SC has the Best Weather For Retirement

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Not too hot or cold.

It is possible to avoid both extreme cold and excessive heat in a single retirement location. In these places, the average high temperature in July is less than 90 degrees and the average low in January is above freezing (32 degrees), according to National Climatic Data Center figures.

South Carolina

South Carolina has a semi-tropical climate and hot summers; July’s average high is 89 degrees. Winters cool down significantly to an average low of 42 degrees. Ashton Pointe offers comfort, beauty and inspired living that can't be found anywhere else in the Beaufort area. With an amazing historic city center, beautiful outdoor spaces and wonderful beaches, Beaufort is a great place to live in retirement.

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Should you Buy or Should you Rent in Beaufort, SC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

There are hidden costs associated with buying and renting.

The decision about whether it’s better to rent or buy comes down to flexibility, financial and personal.

“It’s one of the biggest financial decisions we make,” said David Weliver, founding editor of the Money Under 30 blog. “I think it really comes down to . . . whether you want the flexibility to move around every few years and to not worry about maintenance and appliances breaking down. If you’re looking to put down roots, looking for a place to stay for more than five years, that’s when buying presents a good option.”

And if you’re single renting may be the best option.

“It’s much harder for a single buyer to qualify for a mortgage,” he pointed out. Unless someone is a high earner, it often takes two salaries.

As for the idea that renting isn’t economical, Weliver said that’s not true.

“We’re conditioned to think that renting is a waste of money, but if you look at it, people spend less overall renting”.

There are costs associated with owning a home potential buyers may not realize, said Ric Edelman, chairman and CEO of Edelman Financial Services. He suggests buying if you plan to stay in the home at least seven years.

“Homeowners spend money that renters never do — maintenance, repairs, decorating — and you need a significant amount of time for the property to grow in value in order for those extra costs to be recovered.”

Homeownership does have its advantages. Real estate values usually increase, there’s pride in ownership, and don’t forget mortgage interest tax deductions.

Renting can help you create greater wealth because it frees up extra cash for investments. “If you doubt this, look at everyone living in Boston and New York [City],” he said. “There are millions of people who live their lives never owning a home. It’s very common in urban areas. These people are not crazy.”

But don’t miss the hidden costs and hurdles associated with renting.

Renters tend to move more often than owners, and there’s often a significant expense associated with moving.

Edelman’s number one tip has nothing to do with finances and economics: Decide what you need in a living space.

“Recognize that your home is not an investment; your home is a place to live,” he said. “You should not be making the decision based on strictly economic factors. You should be basing the decision predominantly on lifestyle — what meets your needs. And once you decide what meets your needs best, the answer becomes clear very easily.”

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Boston Globe

States with Smallest Tax Burden – Beaufort, SC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Most of us have our tax refund check, unless you owed… and  hopefully the refund is in the bank account–or if not, then at least maybe you have a strategy for a better year. Since part of that strategy could be moving to a more tax-friendly state, Forbes set out to find out which states offer the most favorable tax situations.

Using data from the Tax Foundation, Forbes ranked the total tax burden in each state. The ranking includes income, property, and sales tax, as well as special taxes like real estate transfer taxes, personal property taxes on some vehicles, and special tax district fees.

No. 9: South Carolina

State and local tax burden: 8.30%
Effective state tax rate ($50,000 taxable income): 6.02%
Highest tax bracket: $14,400
Rate at highest tax bracket: 7.00%
Per Capita Income: $33,603

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Generation Rent Likes Renting - Apartments in Beaufort, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

They’re calling it Generation Rent. U.S. home ownership rates have been falling, particularly among younger Americans. Home ownership reached a 20-year low of 63.7 percent. Home ownership is falling fastest among Generation Xers in the 35-54 age bracket. Millennials exhibit the same trend, and will make up 31 percent of rental growth over the next decade. Some foresee a future where rental is more common than home ownership. Whether this emerges, renting is a reality for many young parents today, and families are adapting to adjust to the rental lifestyle.

How Renters Are Adapting

While those who aspire to traditional home ownership might see this trend toward renting in negative terms, younger Americans are bound to make the most of it, and many are even starting to see the benefits of renting, as NPR reports. For one thing, those who’ve seen their family and friends struggling to sell homes with diminished value count their blessings that they’re not stuck in this frustrating situation.

Others recognize the benefits of not taking on long-term mortgage debt or tying themselves down to one location. In an economy where jobs are increasingly mobile, many young professionals see the ability to move without having to sell a home as a career advantage.

Some like the safety of having many apartments or home together, or having security guards or security cameras onsite.

Not having to pay maintenance or repair bills or property taxes adds more incentive to rent rather than owning property. Renters also often have the advantage of access to amenities such as swimming pools or fitness centers that many homeowners can’t afford.

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Excerpts -

Apartment Hunting Tips from the BBB - Beaufort, SC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Many young adults and families move each year in search of opportunity and a place to live. For those currently undergoing the task, searching for an apartment can be a daunting process.

The BBB would like to offer these consumer tips in an effort to help you make more informed decisions while involved in the process of leasing a new place to live.

There are many things to consider when you are apartment hunting in Beaufort, SC. Before you begin your search, here are a couple of things to consider.

  1. Rent – Determine how much can you afford and still live comfortably taking all of your expenses into consideration. One rule of thumb suggests dividing your income by four. Your rent should not exceed more than 25% of your monthly income.
  2. Space – How many people will be living in the unit? 100-400 square feet per person is considered practical.
  3. Location – How important is it for you to be near your place of work, school, shopping, medical facilities etc.?

Before signing any lease you should always make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.

Make sure the following information is included in your lease:

Maintenance – Find out how all repair concerns are handled such as how to submit a repair request. Ask how quickly tenants can expect maintenance personnel to respond to a request once it has been turned in.

Deposits – You should know what your security deposit covers and the conditions which might cause a tenant to experience deductions.

Increases –   Ask if your rent or other fees will be increased during your lease term.

Subletting – Find out whether or not you are allowed to sublet your unit to another party in case of an emergency.

Rent –  Get a schedule of when monthly payments are due and where rent can be paid.

Upon move-in, do not forget to document the condition of your apartment. Make sure that your list includes each and every flaw or defect in your apartment so that you are not held responsible for damages later. It’s advisable to also take photos or a video of your unit prior to move-in so that you have documentation available in case a dispute arises when you get ready to move-out.

More to Consider:

Check out reviews of the apartment complex. Go to to see the BBB Business Review of the apartments you are considering. This will show its BBB rating, any history of complaints, as well as the complaint details and any contact information.

Visit the complex personally. Tour the facility and the visit the specific unit you’ll be renting.

Make sure that the community is safe and that the living space will meet your needs.

Does it appear the way it was described? Websites often use pictures taken only from the best vantage points on the property or may be of a promotional unit.

Keep a signed copy of the lease. Store it in a safe place so it is readily available in the event you ever need to refer back to it.

Consider renters insurance. Many apartment communities require tenants have a minimum amount of renter’s insurance before move in. If it’s not required, it’s still an option tenants should consider. Renter’s insurance would cover your losses in the event of fire, burglary or other damage.

Pay attention to deductibles and coverage limits when choosing a policy.

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