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Avoid Headaches When Apartment Hunting in Beaufort, SC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Let’s be honest, moving is daunting. Finding a rental that is the right fit for your budget, lifestyle and commute can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful.

Here are some ways you can streamline the search process and find your ideal home:

Avoid summer moves: While work and life changes will probably dictate when you move, if you can avoid moving during the summer months, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor. Summer is considered peak renters season and can be a difficult time to find new accommodation as the market is saturated with renters and available units move quickly.

If you do need to move during the summer, be sure to start doing your research early. The sooner you start scoping out the market, the better chance you’ll have at grabbing the perfect place and a great deal.

Consider public transportation and parking: When researching neighborhoods, be sure to look into transportation options. Do you need public transportation to commute to work? If so, look into not only how far away a station is, but what area you’ll need to walk through to get to it. A property could be four blocks from a station on Google Maps, but that may involve crossing a major highway.

If you have a car, consider what parking zone the property is in. Is the property close to restaurants and bars, or parks and running trails? Which is more important to you? Is there a grocery store within walking distance? All of these questions will help you narrow down your ideal location.

Find out about apartment amenities: Every building offers varied amenities, so be sure to dig deep and see what’s available. Is it important to you that your new home has a gym, pool, lounge, roof deck, 24-hour concierge? Does the building allow pets? These little details add up and become vitally important when deciding on the right property for your lifestyle.

What to ask yourself: When contemplating your housing budget, always ask yourself these three questions: What do you expect to pay on average? What is the max rent you’re willing to pay for the perfect place? What can you honestly afford comfortably?

Be honest with these questions as the answers will better help you set realistic expectations.

Don’t settle for the first offer: Once you find a property that fits your needs and budget, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Most of the time, there is some wiggle room when it comes to lease negotiations. Negotiate within reason and remember, the worst thing that can happen is that the answer is “no.”

Be cautious of deals that sound too good to be true — they likely are — but enjoy the process.

At the end of the day, you want to find a place that feels like home and supports your lifestyle. Do your research, be diligent, and you’ll find your ideal home. For more information on apartments in Beaufort, SC contact Ashton Pointe.


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